Automatic 3 Head Screw Ropp Filling and Capping Machine

Automatic Olive Oil Bottle Filling Capping Machine for 28mm Ropp Caps is suitable for screw cap / Ropp cap/ crimping cap sealing on the glass bottle. It is widely used in wine, syrup, oral liquid, pesticides, pharmaceutical vial industries

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Product Details


Stainless Steel
Sealing number
Sealing Speed
60-80 bottles/ min
Sealing Height
35-320 mm (Adjustable)
Bottle diameter

12-33 mm (Adjustable)

Feature For Automatic 3 Head Screw Ropp Capper:

1. The seaming rollers & chuck head are made of Chromium steel with hardness, rust proof and excellent sealing performance.

2. Each sealing head is equipped with multiple hardened steel rollers to form the shell precisely to the bottle finish, assuring a secure, leak proof, tamper evident package.

3. It uses Quick-disassembly lock cap mould, which can be easily replaced in different size bottle caps.

3. Full PLC control (Mitsubishi), once set the parameters into the Touch screen, could just press 1 button to on / off, also 1 more Emergency button for protection, save unnecessary labor cost.

4. All the components of the equipment are well-known international brands: the pneumatic part adopts Taiwan AIR TAC brand, the air switch, circuit breaker and contactor adopts French Schneider brand, the photoelectric switch and intermediate relay adopts Japanese Omron brand, and the PLC adopts Taiwan Delta brand, so that the equipment has high reliability.

5.It is widely used for oral liquid, wine, medicine, daily chemical, suitable for screw cap, stelvin closure, Ropp cap sealing & capping.

Configuration of Automatic vibrating caps feeder:

There is a pulse electromagnet under the hopper of the machine, which can make the hopper vibrate vertically.

The hopper is driven by an inclined spring sheet to twist and oscillate around its vertical axis.

The bottle cap in the hopper rises along the spiral track due to this vibration.

In the process of rising, through a series of track screening, the bottle caps are automatically arranged into a uniform pattern and exported to the bottles passing through the production line. The main body of the equipment is made of high quality 304 stainless steel.


1. The machine is equipped with an automatic detection device, that is, when the cap is full, the cap is automatically stopped, and when the cap is missing, the cap is automatically opened.

2. The machine has a capless automatic alarm device, that is, when the inner cap of the capping machine is about to run out, the machine automatically buzzes to alarm, reminding operators to add the cap as soon as possible to ensure normal production.


automatic screw capping machine

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