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Utrust Pack, respecting the nature of people, endowing machines with spirituality, and integrating harmony into the environment. Beyond needs, we aspire for deeds.

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Vision Guided Delta Robot Sorting Line
Manufacturer Supply Intelligent Delta Robot Sorting Line is applicable for picking or placing sachet, biscuit, candy, tin can, bottle, accessories etc. With precise computer vision, the high-speed handling unit with robot functionality for free movement in three dimensions provides precision in movement and positioning.
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Can Filling Sealing And Packaging Solutions
Welcome to experience our innovative can sealing and packaging production line!   Want to preserve the deliciousness of snacks, the safety and taste of milk powder, the sweet temptation of fruits, and the aromatic smell of meat? Utrust Pack mechanical can packaging products adopt advanced design concepts and structural optimization to ensure that every can is optimally sealed. It is essential and ideal packaging equipment suitable for the food industry, but also for the pharmaceutical, milk powder, and chemical industries.
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