Tin Can Tuna Canning Machine for Food Packing Manufacturers

The Tin Can Tuna Canning Machine for Food Packing Manufacturers is applicable for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical packaging with metal, paper, and plastic cans, bottles and jars.

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Product Details

Tin Can Tuna Canning Machine for Food Packing Manufacturers

Tin Can Tuna Canning Machine Description

Tin Can Tuna Canning Machine Specification


Tin Cans Tuna Canning Machine

Sealing number


Sealing Speed

 30 - 60 cans/ min

Sealing Height

 30-200mm (Adjustable)

Applicable can diameter


Air sourse










Benefits from New-designed Servo Motor Driven Seamer:

The majority traditional canning machine usually adopts common motor and divider for the turntable, thus the positioning accuracy is limited and easy to have problems like container clamping, liquid spilling, difficulty in washing or changing mould and etc through rotary mechanism, which will directly affect the sealing effect, production capacity, and product qualification rate.

With our new design of servo motor driven canning machine, the above problems can be solved with below benefits.

-       Smooth conveying of cans and prevent spilling through applying acceleration and deceleration logic calculation on the servo motor. -       Ensure the machine with longer service life, lower noise, no electromagnetic interference, faster servo response, wider speed adjustment range, and higher canning capacity

*Production capacity: with our new design sealing head, it could reach up to 65 cans/min, while other single head can seamer just reach up to 50 cans/min by using higher power motors.

*Save energy: save 30% energy to reach same productivity than before. For example, if it need to run at 40 cans/min, the frequency rate is 56Hz on old version, while it just 32Hz on this new one.

*Adopt servo motor driven with simple structure, stable operation and low noise characteristics.

*Turntable automatic reset positioning after initiating; 

*Auto stop and alarm function in case of cans stucking within the turntable, to effectively prevent mechanical structure damage

*One-button reset function for turntable positioning after taking out the cans

*Easy changing mould function: replace the turntable and the sealing position can be automatically memorized with one-button setting, so as to eliminate manual adjustment on the screws for different position.

*Production capacity of 35-65 cans/min and easy to be connected with other machines for packing line.

*Sealing chuck head and sealing rollers are made with 440C stainless steel material and go through vacuum quenching tempering heat treatment to ensure high hardness and durability.

*Can Body does not rotating with good sealing performance.

*Suitable for a variety of cans including plastic cans, tinplate cans, aluminum cans, paper cans, and etc and widely applicable in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Tin Can Tuna Canning Machine Application 

Tin Can Tuna Canning Machine

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tin can tuna canning machine

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