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With the rapid development of society, contemporary people no longer need to face the problems of insufficient production and supply, shortage of materials, and need to economize on food and clothing. Now the food is not only sufficient, but also diverse, very attractive, in the current food, many people can not control their own mouth, it is easy to exceed the amount of food they need, so there is the problem of obesity. In the face of obesity, many student party members and office workers, especially the young ladies and sisters, will find ways to restore their beautiful body shape.

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"Weight loss" has become an eternal topic, from the initial diet more exercise, to surgery liposuction, and now through diet nutrition to reduce fat. Substitute meal powder is born under the concept of healthy diet and keeping body shape!

There are many kinds of meal substitute powder, such as pueraria powder, yam powder, red bean Coix rice flour, oat konjac powder There are many kinds of food replacement on the market. There are 1kg large capacity cans and bottles, and dozens of grams.
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Nowadays, what is popular among the younger generation and office workers is the shake bottle meal replacement . Why is it so hot?

Because such bottles are convenient for people to carry around and drink meal replacement at any time. Consumers first pour the hot water into the bottle, cover it, shake it to make the powder fully dissolved in water, and then drink it.

Why is the bottled meal replacement better than the ordinary bag packaging or large can packaging?

Because the bag packaging and large can packaging of meal replacement are usually put into the cup for brewing, you can only use a spoon to stir the powder to dissolve as much as possible, and I don't know how much water is added to make the powder, which will affect the taste and nutrition absorption of meal replacement ! However, if you choose a shake bottle of meal replacement, because the amount of meal replacement is fixed and the bottle size is fixed, it is not necessary to consider how much water is added to match, just fill the bottle with water, so as to achieve a perfect taste experience. Therefore, you who are used to packing in bags and cans, shake bottled meal replacements, can bring you a different experience.

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Due to the hot sale of food replacements in shake bottles, many enterprises also want to use shake bottles to package their own meal replacements to take a share in the market. However, they do not want to invest too much in packaging equipment for the time being. Instead, they can find the packaging production line with general production capacity.

The following is the packaging equipment of Guangzhou Utrust Packaging Equipment Co.,Ltd., which can produce 20-25 bottles / min.

What kind of equipment does the packing line of meal powder shake bottle consist of?

The main supporting equipment includes bottle machine, filling and weighing system for granular materials, powder feeding and filling system, capping and capping machine, labeling machine and heat shrinkable furnace

1. Bottle unscrambler

Function: lead empty can into conveyor belt / end of production line to collect finished products

Bottle management speed: 20-25 bottles / min

2. 4 head linear scale

Function: through pouring the fruit grain to the hopper of the elevator, the elevator can lift the material to the combined scale, and then the combined scale can accurately measure, weigh and fill, and receive the fruit grain at the fixed bottle of the feeder.

Filling speed: 20-25 bottles / min

3. Linear filling machine

Function: fixed bottle to receive fruit.

Filling speed: 20-25 bottles / min

4. Powder screw feeder

Function: use motor to drive screw to lift powder

Lifting speed: 3m3 / h

5. Single head powder filling machine

Function: filling substitute meal powder into bottle

Filling speed: 20-30 bottles / min (50g / bottle)

6. Capping machine

Function: automatically supply the cap and screw the cap automatically

Speed: 40-50 bottles / min

7. Heat shrink labeling machine

Function: automatically put shrink film label into bottle body.

Labeling speed: 20-30 bottles / min

8. Heat shrink tunnel

Function: through hot air circulation, the shrink film label of the bottle body is heated to shrink

Production efficiency: 0-35m / min

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