New Intelligent High Speed Picking Parallel Series Robot/Spider Hand Packaging Control System

1.Maximum Pick-up Height:the maximum descending distance from the center of the origin position vertical
downward during the pickup process。
2.Rated Load:the maximum load of the robot under the best performance and normal operation of the robot
3.Max Load:the maximum load of the robot which is exceeding the rated load. If it go beyond the rated load,
the robot performance index will be affected, the wear problem of the motor, wearing parts, driven arm,
intermediate shaft will be much more seriously

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Product characteristics:

High Precision: Repeated positioning 0.1mm is higher than peer accuracy level, especially suitable for heavy haul handling and high-speed precision assembly.

Heavy load: maximum load up to 8Kg (customizable load less than 30Kg)

Ultra-high speed: very fast, standard working rhythm up to 210 times per minute, especially suitable for 24-hour high-intensity high-frequency operation, greatly improving production efficiency.

Compact: Compact design, installation base industry is the smallest, none of them, narrow space can also be freely coped with, and the lighter weight of the body is easy to install and debug.

Easy Maintenance: The ball ends of the rod end of the motor reducer are all maintenance-free designs. There is no need to replace the lubricant (permanent lubrication). It is very suitable for continuous production for a long time.

Environmental protection: The body which meets the requirements of food-grade corrosion resistance design can be washed with acid or alkaline solvents to ensure the cleanliness of production. It is the best partner in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

We customize the parallel robot sorting workstation according to customer's needs, including robot body, high strength frame, visual positioning system, terminal vacuum unit, pipeline and so on, to realize one-stop turnkey project for customers. Delta sorting robot workstation captures the target object through visual system, determines the spatial position of the grasp center (TCP) by four parallel servo axes, and achieves the fast picking, sorting, packing, handling and other operations of the target object. Mainly used in dairy, food, pharmaceutical and electronic products logistics express delivery industry, with light weight, small size, fast speed, accurate positioning, low cost, high efficiency and other characteristics. Typically used in food and drug sorting, commodity sorting, electronic parts sorting robot.


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