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Coffee, as one of the three major drinks in the world (the other two are cocoa and tea), is a seasoning in our daily life. For coffee, we all know that it can promote the metabolism of human body, continue the aging process, excite nerves and drive away fatigue. Therefore, when working and studying, you can have a drink to refresh yourself. Recently, under the influence of my colleagues, the number of times I drink coffee has increased several times than before, so I began to pay attention to coffee!

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There are three common coffee tree species: Arabica, Robusta and librika. Arabica coffee, or small fruit coffee, Coffee production accounts for more than 70% of the world's coffee production; Robusta coffee, or medium fruit coffee, accounts for about 30% of the world's coffee production; Librika coffee, i.e. big fruit coffee, is twice as big as small fruit coffee. Due to its low yield and high concentration, it is difficult to be commercialized and its market share is small. So our coffee is basically ground from Arabica and robusta beans.

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According to the types of coffee, there are Cuban coffee, Brazilian coffee, Hawaiian coffee, Kenyan coffee, java coffee, mantenin coffee, hujue coffee, mocha coffee, Mamba coffee, Irish coffee, etc., among which the more famous are Maoshi coffee, cubita coffee and Blue Mountain coffee. According to the style of coffee, there are latte, white coffee, black coffee, machiado, iced coffee, green tea coffee, black rose coffee, mandarin duck coffee, Turkish coffee, milk coffee, cappuccino coffee and mixed coffee.

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Many urban office workers like to drink coffee. In addition to going to cafes or making their own freshly ground coffee, they basically make instant coffee to drink. When they are free, they can have a cup of our packaged coffee. We can smell the unique attractive aroma of coffee powder, which is produced by the extremely important acidic fat and volatile fat contained in coffee beans. Coffee powder contains extremely important acidic fat and volatile fat, once exposed to the air, will have a chemical change - taste, aroma will become worse. Esters and aldehydes are the most volatile aromatic compounds in coffee, which will make coffee taste worse. It is not only the volatilization and loss of aromatic substances, but also the oxidation of aromatic components by oxygen in the air, especially the oxidation of fat, resulting in putrefaction taste.

Therefore, how to keep the original aroma of coffee powder as long as possible is an important problem! To solve these problems, instant coffee usually has three kinds of packaging, bag, glass bottle and can. First of all, it is packed in a bag, which is specially designed for convenience, that is, the amount of a cup, that is, it can be boiled immediately. In glass bottles and cans, there are relatively large portions, such as 500g, 800g, etc., which are usually cheaper than the same amount in single package. Why is there no big bag for coffee powder on the market, but only bottled and canned coffee powder has relatively large capacity? This is also due to the problem of coffee preservation. It is difficult to seal the bag after opening the bag. The oxygen in the air will gradually oxidize the fatty components of coffee powder, and finally make the coffee tasteless!

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The glass and iron bottled coffee powder, due to the relative sealing, can usually isolate the outside air from the chemical reaction of the coffee powder inside. However, although it is isolated from the outside air, there is still more air in the powder gap in the bottle or tank, which contains about 20% oxygen. It is about 20% oxygen that will react with fat and other substances of coffee, greatly shortening the taste period of coffee!

How to extend the taste period of coffee powder in glass and iron bottles? The answer is to reduce the oxygen content inside!

How to reduce the oxygen content in the tank? Look at the following solutions:

1. Vacuum the tank first and remove all the air in the tank as far as possible

2. Then inject nitrogen to fill the original position where the air was removed

3. Finally, seal the lid

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Generally, there is no vacuum nitrogen filling and capping equipment on the market for bottle packaging, while there is vacuum nitrogen can seamer for metal can packaging to solve the problem. Guangzhou Utrust Packaging Equipment Co.,Ltd. has provided a solution for nitrogen filling packaging of coffee powder in iron cans. For details, please refer to the following pictures and videos:

Automatic vacuum filling nitrogen sealing machine

There is also an automatic solution for nitrogen filling and packaging of coffee powder cans

1. Vacuum powder feeder

Function: deliver powder to filling machine by vacuum
Conveying speed: 50-30 kg / h

2. Single head powder filling machine

Function: filling meal substitute powder into bottle

Filling speed: 20-30 cans / min

3. Vacuum nitrogen canning machine

Functions: vacuuming, nitrogen filling and sealing
Sealing speed: 5-7 cans / min

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