Instant seafood can jar packaging solution 2022-06-09

In recent years, wanghong Spicy Seafood is very popular among modern young people. It perfectly combines the delicious spicy flavor of the fish sauce with the delicious taste of the small seafood; How to fill the seafood with sauce separately?

The following cases are shared:
According to the production capacity, accuracy and other requirements of customers, we choose waterproof chassis, and all contact surfaces are made of 316 stainless steel to prevent salt corrosion. In order to ensure the quantity of each can of seafood, we choose to fill seafood and chili rings separately. In order to prevent the deposition and accumulation of particles in the sauce, a horizontal mixing mechanism is installed in the silo.
Filling process: cans feeding, seafood lifting and feeding machine, seafood weighing and filling, chilli ring filling, sauce filling, can seaming, can labeling

1. Feed the empty cans into conveyor

2. Lift and feed the seafood by Z conveyor and weight it by multi-head scale

3. Fill the sea food into cans by turntable filling machine

4. Fill the chilli ring by measuring cup filler

5. Fill the sauce into cans by servo piston pump filler

6. Seal the lid by cans seamer

7. Wrap the label around cans by labeling machine

The above is the process flow of filling Spicy Seafood. For different materials and different packaging processes, through professional analysis and in combination with the actual capacity needs of customers, we present the most cost-effective scheme

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