How is the champion fish feed canned? 2020-11-07
Fish feed, as the name implies, is feed for fish.

It is mainly composed of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Protein is an important nutrient for the survival of fish and shrimp. It is an important component of cells, tissues and organs.

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The normal growth of fish needs enough protein in the feed, which is easy to digest and absorb, and suitable ratio of various amino acids. When fish lack of protein intake, the growth is slow, the body immunity is reduced, and the protein with appropriate amino acid ratio is found. When the fish lack of protein intake, the growth is slow, the body immunity is decreased, the tissue renewal is slow, the wound healing ability is poor, and it is easy to get sick

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The fish feed with suitable flake and particle size can be selected. Generally speaking, the lower the fish feed coefficient, the higher the absorption rate. The predation of fish will also be more convenient and healthy, avoiding the problem of indigestion.

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Fish feed is the same as other pellet feed. According to the formula, the raw materials are crushed and mixed evenly, and then expanded into granules. The specific process flow can be Baidu. In addition, fish feed in order to enter water will not immediately loose, but also add some starch, clay, grease, etc. for waterproof bonding.

Feed is usually used as the staple food in fish culture. The feed can be self-made or purchased. If pet fish are raised, the majority of them are finished feed. When choosing pet fish feed, we should pay attention to the basic problems such as packaging and shelf life.

We have a way to store flake materials and granular materials. It will become the mainstream to choose the packaging method of cans. This method is very popular among the fish loving people, fairies and babies. Therefore, many manufacturers also want to package their fish feed products in cans to better sell and promote their products. However, they will be distressed by the lack of professional and cost-effective production equipment.

Guangzhou Utrust Packaging Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of automatic filling machine, can sealing machine, capping machine, capping machine, capping machine, manipulator sorting and various kinds of granule, powder, liquid canning production line and other series of equipment manufacturers, integrating R & D, design, production, sales, installation and service. Our company has provided a complete set of production line services for many enterprises, providing professional solutions and solutions to meet the requirements of customers. If you need to know more, you can contact us.

The following describes the canned fish feed packaging production line equipment, the production capacity of 30-50 cans / min.

1. Bottle unscrambler

Function: lead empty can into conveyor belt / end of production line to collect finished products
Bottle management speed: 30-40 cans / min

2. Filling and weighing system for granular materials

This filling system is equipped with material elevator, combination scale and rotary table feeder.
Function: through pouring nuts to the hopper of the elevator, the elevator will lift the materials to the combined scale, and then the combined scale can accurately measure, weigh and fill, and receive nuts in the fixed jar of the feeder.
Filling speed: 30-40 cans / min

3. Can sealing machine

Function: seal the lid of plastic can or iron can
Speed: 35 cans / min

5. Cans overturn device

Function: overturn the cans
Speed: 30-40 cans / min

6. Cans cleaning machine

Function: blow and wipe off the dust from cans body.
Labeling speed: 40 cans / min

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